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At Calling Solutions, Your Brand Is Our Calling


At Calling Solutions, we realize that every business is different, and we know one size doesn’t fit all.  After nearly 20 years working on the front lines of customer contact communications, we understand there’s no right way to go about it that works in every setting.  But there is a best way for each of our clients. That’s why our top executives personally meet with each new account to assess the unique needs and challenges of their business. When we understand a client’s demands and drivers, we can provide customized contact solutions that are tailor-made to produce the right results every contact, every time. 


Idea Incubation

Whether your customers are new or established, it’s critical that every contact with them leaves the right impression.  Our experienced team excels at developing inbound and outbound campaigns that help clients lower costs, increase efficiency, drive incremental revenue and improve their customer experience. By testing different versions of a campaign or new initiative side-by-side, or tracking responses to a proposed change with a limited trial, clients are able to compare outcomes and choose a path that ensures success before dialing up the customers—and the investment.


Cut-Above Capacity

We hire smart, motivated agents who know how to sell, and we train them to listen.  Every contact is designed to help you build your brand and market share.  Our bilingual agents can help you tap into the burgeoning Hispanic market, and accent-neutral English speaking representatives give your customers the superior service they expect. By utilizing our strategic partners, we can accommodate even the largest customer service campaign, while still having the flexibility to scale our force to your changing needs.


Seamless Service

When customers dial your number, they expect your brand on the line.  That’s why each of our dedicated customer specialists is specifically trained to be the ambassador for your company—seamlessly providing exceptional service as if they were located in your headquarters.


Decisions on a Dime

The Titanic was an impressive ocean liner, until it needed to respond nimbly to changing conditions. At Calling Solutions, we’re right-sized to provide exceptional service that changes at your pace.  When time is of the essence, one phone call is all you need to make to put a change in place the very same day. Because we’re privately held, our top executives are not only decision-makers, they are owners with a real stake in your success.  They will personally handle your account from incubation to implementation and beyond, checking metrics in real-time to make sure all targets are being met or exceeded.


Convenient Location

Every homeowner knows the key to a property’s value is its location.  The same goes for businesses. Our San Antonio location makes collaboration easy.  The San Antonio International Airport is a quick, direct flight from most major cities, and is less than 15 minutes away from our offices—so flying in to meet with our team or provide additional training to your dedicated specialists is low-hassle.


We understand you’re only as good as our agents, so we train, coach and incentivize our specialists to provide superior customer service every call, every time. But we do more than talk—we encourage our clients to seed their call lists and hear the Calling Solutions difference for themselves.

Pristine Reputation and Known as a Premium Services Provider, having a long history of serving Fortune 50 companies directly or partnering with other industry leaders in order to service those marquee clients such as Verizon, American Express, and USAA.
Provides Comprehensive Inbound/Outbound and Customer Care Solutions, enabling the Company to quickly and efficiently scale to its clients’ needs by providing inbound, outbound, and complex customer care solutions.  Moreover, the Company leverages its processes and methodologies in order to deliver highly customizable calling and customer care solutions.
Strategically Located in San Antonio, the Company benefits from the following:  convenient location in the Central Standard Time zone enabling nationwide coverage; highly reliable telecommunication and power infrastructure initially meant to support multiple local military bases; neutral accent and high proportion of bilinguals within the local population, and highly attractive labor costs.
Industry Leading Agent Recruiting and Training, resulting in High Retention, enabling CSI to provide premium customer experience and satisfaction across any communication channel.
Superior Responsiveness and Flexibility, enabling the Company to implement continuous quality improvement strategies for meeting and exceeding its clients’ quality control standards.

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